Best way to quit smoking

Most people find it difficult to quit . Quitting smoking can be difficult, but not impossible. Many people like you have quit smoking . You can too. Advice and medicines , and other media can help you stop smoking.If you've tried to quit before, but could not, try again. Whenever you try , it will be easier . You will be a little closer to quitting for good.Now is the best time to quit. It's never too late.

How I can quit?

1. Choose a permit days

Choose a date in the next two weeks to quit. Do not wait for the day "perfect" - just select a date and work with it . Put it on your calendar.If you want to :
  •     List your reasons for quitting - health, family, money .
  •     Write new hobby to do instead of smoking - exercise, knitting, model airplanes - something to keep your hands and mind busy.
  •     Talk to friends , family and colleagues for help. Tell them about your plan to quit smoking , it feels more real to you .
  •     Start making changes to boost their everyday life smoking - stop smoking in the house and in the car. Make your home and car smoke-free if no one is allowed to smoke inside.
  •     Learn more about the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and how to cope.

2. Choose two or more methods to quit smoking more proven

There are many proven ways to quit smoking . To increase your chances of quitting, choose more than one method . Choose what looks good to you. Everyone is different . You know what works best for you.Tested quit smoking methods :
  • Join a support group for people trying to quit smoking. Research shows that people in support groups to quit smoking are more likely to quit smoking forever. ( Check out smoking support groups in your area).
  • Get individual counseling in person or by phone. You can get advice in person or by telephone , through the line with a free smoking . Both have been proven to help people quit smoking. There is free help lines across Canada - Learn more about who is in your area. If you prefer to see someone in person , ask your doctor or hotline to recommend a counselor . The cost of the consultation may be covered by your workplace or an additional insurance plan if you have one.
  • Take nicotine replacement therapy (NRT ) . The nicotine patch , gum, lozenge or inhaler replaces some of the nicotine you usually get cigarettes. This can make withdrawal easier to manage nicotine.
  • Ask your doctor for a prescription drug called bupropion. It is an antidepressant that can make it easier to stop.
  • Ask your doctor for a prescription drug , called varenicline tartrate . You can remove some of your cravings , and make smoking less enjoyable.
  • If you have a slip , do not give up . Try again , and again ... keep trying until it has been terminated .
  • Get support from family and friends.
Go "cold turkey " - stop spontaneously on its own - also works well for some people. Some people just decide one day Quit - this may be the day they learn they have a lung disease or the day his grandson was born. Maybe there is something that motivates them. Many people who have quit smoking forever say they are going "cold turkey " . If you think going cold turkey may work for you , try it .

3. At the time of quitting, completely finish .

  •     No smoking, not even a little .
  •     Throw your cigarettes , other snuff products , and ashtrays.
  •     Avoid people and situations in which you will be tempted to smoke. If you usually smoke in a certain chair , do not sit in this chair. If you usually smoke in a night club , avoid the nightclub for a while. Change your normal routine includes new smoking routine.
  •     Go for a walk instead of a smoke .
  •     Be positive . Believe in yourself and your plan.
  •     Remember that symptoms of nicotine withdrawal only last a short time. Follow these tips to cope with withdrawal symptoms .
  •     Get help from support groups , counselors and local service hotline
  •     Take one day at a time. Remember that once the withdrawal is complete, you will feel better than I have in years . You deserve to feel better .... You're almost there !
  •     Celebrate your success and give you credit ! Tell people how long you've been quit. This is a major achievement and you should be proud .
    If you want , tell us how much time stopped. We'd love to hear from you and to celebrate your success!
Consider exercising more. When you stop smoking , exercise can help. Exercise is a healthy alternative to smoking , can take your mind off your cravings , you can help your mood and energy level and may help keep the extra weight. If you're new to exercise , start slowly. A walk around the block is a good start .

4. If you have a slip , do not give up . Try to leave again.

Quitting smoking gets easier with practice. Whenever you try to quit, you increase your chances of quitting for good. Most people who have quit smoking to have always tried 5 or 6 times before being able to stop smoking for good. This is normal .Do not be discouraged if you slip up. You are not a failure. Try to understand what the obstacles were to their abandonment . Nicotine cravings were too strong ? Are you going to smoke when I was stressed? Discuss with your counselor , doctor or pharmacist about your experience. Ask yourself how you can do differently next time. If you think the smoking cessation drugs will be easier for you to leave next time, ask your doctor or pharmacist for their recommendation. Then try to quit again. Keep trying .Unproven methods to quit smokingIt is hard to quit . You will spend time , energy, money and maybe even to try to quit. It is therefore preferable to quit smoking methods that are proven to work .We reviewed the medical evidence and make a list of quit Proven methods above. There is also not tried to quit smoking that individuals and companies may try to sell methods.These quit smoking methods have not been proven to work:

Laser therapy
hypnosisIt is best to consult with your doctor before spending money on these therapies.

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